Neekolul Domestic Abuse Charge and Arrest: Controversy Explained

In the end, Neekolul revealed the content of his arrest story to end further speculation. The wonderful viral video was released for free in March 2020. It helped Neekolul break into the mainstream and eventually signed contracts with 100 criminals to become content creators.

Neekolul’s Abuse Story

In order to become famous, unnecessary attention will continue to attract unnecessary attention, and as you age, there will be personal problems that others will solve for you. When it comes to Neekolul, his biggest scandal is his personal relationships. After her release, she was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment in the anger management category and was sentenced to a one-year probation in May 2018, which was long before she became famous.

However, in the summer of 2020, another acquaintance that she called combatively appeared. criminal. This finally made her feel uneasy in March 2021. She decided to share her story with all the climaxes, hoping that people would no longer treat her as a criminal because everyone needs to have a full understanding of their own property in order to understand what will result. In May 2018, Neekolul attacked her former partner and became involved in a violent crime.

Neekolul Domestic Abuse Charge and Arrest: Controversy Explained

He was sentenced to six months in prison for dispelling anger. However, within the next twelve months, he was found guilty and there were no new records. The details were revealed in July 2020. It sounds as harsh as the young moon star’s reaction on social media. Eight months have passed since then, and it seems that people in the region are still paying attention to them. Talk about the incident and everything that happened before.

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The story is located in a Google document called “My Story”. According to the document, the violence between her and her ex-boyfriend lasted for 7 years, from 15 to 22 years old. it is finally over. A document states that she has suffered emotional, psychological, and physical abuse since she was 15 years old, and this situation will increase with age. According to her, her ex-boyfriend insulted her, hit me, threatened my life with a knife, and this threat ruined her life and even injured her with a fist.

He claimed that they did a lot of things and did not stop. Psychological abuse includes lighting a gas lamp, humiliating the public, and trying to drive them crazy. She also claimed that she was angry with jealousy and broke her own things. Usually, her problem is conflict and someone shares it, but in most of their relationships, she is just a young man, most of the time scared and unsure of what to do.

She said she even went to the police station but was still persuaded. If you tell him that you are too young, it is best to try and even tell the elderly about abuse, but his reaction is very weak. It started with her because she felt that his church could not be done by him. “During this time, he constantly harassed her, persuaded her to intervene, and even returned home when her parents left.

“He explained that she had disappeared and decided to talk to him. Although she is still trying to solve Neekolul’s problem, he still bothers me. Isolation from electricity and meeting new friends made my choice easier. At that time, he finally decided to commit suicide and told him that he no longer needed to talk to him. This is part of Neekolul’s arrest. We will share our support with you.

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Of course, this is a complex subject that contains the stories of two people who have evolved between the main stages of development. Therefore, we usually do not judge the story or provide any other information about the story.

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