John David Washington Thinks Tenet 2 is Happening and We Think So Too, Here’s Why

Christopher Nolan is back within theaters starting in the week with tenet. It’s time for the advantage of an action-thriller and to clarify the tenet ending. These people realized that the rest of the rule was buried under an isolated Russian city. In this part, half of the soldiers can enter the combat area in time, while the other half are in the area. Ives, the protagonist, and leader of the Dogma group must infiltrate an underground tunnel to restore the rules.

Tenet Ending Explained

They knew their path was blocked by a reliable door. These groups have digital clocks that count down the remaining minutes, and Kat knows that he needs to disperse Sator long enough for everyone to complete all stages of the task. However, the body hides behind the door and reappears, preventing the protagonist from shooting and opening the door. On the recognizable red chain that we usually see, and then confirm that it may be part of the Neal backpack.

John David Washington Thinks Tenet 2 is Happening and We Think So Too, Here's Why

A red chain can be seen on the soldier disguised as a soldier, who initially did not allow the protagonist to shoot in the room. This means that Neal has been watching the protagonist throughout the journey, mainly to get him back to where he is now. Think of it as a warrior. Neil became Reese, and he was sent home for a long time to protect John Conner. This is why after completing the task, Neil tells the protagonist that this is usually the beginning of a long-term relationship.

He has known the protagonist for many years, even though the protagonist thinks they just need to get together. Now on a ship in Vietnam, a wrong Carter knows that the time-based version of your own child has gone ashore. However, she pretended to be careful and always watched. Sator appears in the deepest part of the cave with the protagonist. He thinks he has an advantage in both the Nile and the main role.

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After swallowing the poison, his mission may fail. Kat admits that she killed Sator very early, almost jeopardizing the task, but tells the protagonist that he promises her that they will figure out how to work. Neal, Ives, and the protagonist shared the 9 elements of the rules and acted in their own way. Neal made it clear that he was sent back in time to complete this task, and in the movieĀ  At the top level, the protagonist hints that this perception is for the person who pulls the string from the beginning.

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