Boruto Chapter 56: Read Manga Online, Spoilers and Release Date

Naruto is one of the most amazing anime ever created and there are fans of Naruto all around the world. With more than 800 episodes it’s one of the longest-running animes ever. But when it ended, fans wanted more.

Then we had the anime Boruto in the same universe. He is none other than the son of the legendary Ninja, Naruto. The series is about him as he struggles to become the greatest warrior the world has ever seen.

There are now 55 episodes in this anime and the show will run for a long time because the story is a long way to go. Quite honestly this anime has one of the best character arcs you will ever see, other than of course, Eren from Attack on Titans.


The next episode of this anima will release on the 19th of March, this year. We don’t have to wait long enough. With plenty of cliffhangers from the last episode, this one will be a wild ride. Fans are waiting as the announcement was made that the episode will be released on the eve of 19 March.

We will finally get to see Boruto and his trained companions, after the last episode’s cliffhanger. The title of the next episode is CODE because the plot revolves around this particular character.


The episode will start with Kawaki’s broken arm which will be fixed by Amado. Also, the companions of Boruto are in tension because the fire of Karma of Boruto has been spread among people and now everyone is worried about what will happen. Also, Bruto’s team has been stopped from going on missions because of his Karma.

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