The Witcher Season 2 Will be More Focused on Freya Allan’s Ciri, Says Creator

Fans are looking forward to this summer and are excited about the new season of The Witcher. The epic fantasy web television series has wrapped the production for the second season in the UK. Now, fans are waiting for Netflix to reveal the release date of The Witcher Season 2. It has been over a year since the production for the second season started, but the crew had to suspend the filming due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Henry Cavill is returning as the lead character, who portrays monster-hunter, Geralt of Rivia. We certainly can expect thrilling adventures in the store for Cavill’s character. However, the reports claim that the upcoming season will focus more on Freya Allan’s Ciri, also called Cirilla. Cirilla is the crown princess of Cintra, which is in the danger from the invasion of invaders from Nilfgaard.

Cirilla is Geralt’s destiny!

The Witcher fans already know that the deep connection between Ciri and Geralt. Before her birth, destiny had already linked her to Geralt. Geralt and Ciri met in the final episode of the last time for the first time. After waking up in the merchant’s cart, Geralt heads towards the merchant’s farm. Upon reaching the farm, he hears a woman talking about Ciri. He further walks towards the forest and finally meets with Ciri.

Now, the upcoming season will dive deep into the mystery and story about the princess of Cintra. It may look like that the show is about Geralt of Rivia as it has The Witcher as the title, but actually, the plot is centered much on Ciri. Ciri has magical powers, which allow her to cross time and space. In the upcoming season, Geralt will potentially adopt Ciri and begin her training.

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The Witcher’s official social media accounts released set images featuring Ciri in the upcoming season. Eamon Farren and Anya Chalotra also star in the prominent role in the hit web television series.

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