Superman and Lois Episode 6 Delayed Again: Release Date Postponed

Superman and Lois Season 1 first aired on February 23 and will be soon wrapped up by June 2021.  The show is quite different from DC’s motion picture as Superman & Lois takes after a grown-up Clark Kent and Lois Path as they juggle their jobs and being guardians to two young children. The appearance has been gotten enormously by the critics and fans. With an over 7.8/10 IMBD rating it is going great. But first, let’s talk about its episode 6 being delayed again.

The show was all set for its season 2 release but looks like that too will be delayed due to the circumstances.

Why Episode 6 Got Delayed?

Superman and Lois Episode 6 Delayed Again: Release Date Postponed

As we all know the globe is trapped in a pandemic situation. So this is the sole reason, Superman and Lois got delayed. The news got out that someone from the crew became Covid positive which created a domino effect in the whole team on set. This was the reason they had to stop the filming in between.

Fans are speculating that it might have been postponed indefinitely but that is not the case. Episode 6 will return on May 18 after taking a long 2-month break. In the meantime, Supergirl Season 6 will cover the slot for ‘Superman and Lois’ from March 31.

Episode 6 Expected Plot

The trailer promo for Season 1 Episode 6 is already out and it is titled ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ In the promo we see Jordon getting caught into a few troubles with his powers and will attempt to keep them from his father, which is able likely to arrive him in inconvenience when General Lane comes after him.

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Superman and Lois Episode 6 Delayed Again: Release Date Postponed

The promo too clearly clues at a team-up between Lois and Lana Lang. This seems to make for a charming dynamic as the match will apparently take on Morgan Edge together. It’ll let us more profound into Clark’s energy with Lex Luthor, and presently that he is actually related to Lois, he has more reason to come after Superman. Jonathan might too begin altering to life in Smallville.

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