Pokimaine : Sources of Income, Net Worth and Monthly Income

Image Any, famously or virtually known as Pokimaine. She Morrocan-Canadian virtual sensation as she is a famous Youtuber plus Twitch Streamer. She posts content related to gaming and her notable work includes League of Legends and Fortnite. Other than this, she is also a part of a group which is an online social entertainment group along with other content creators and the name of the group is OfflineTV. She is one of the famous female content creators in the field just at the age of 24.

How much she earns and what are the sources of the same?

She is a social influencer plus a content creator. The number of followers on her various social media platforms is as follows, on Youtube she has 6.46M, 7.3M followers on Twitch, 3.1M on Twitter. Her annual income depends on the content she creates. Her estimated income is $1-3. The amount she earns from the content creation is approx $30,000 – $35,000 monthly. She has signed different sponsorships as well which makes her earn a good amount of money as well.

She and her live streaming is kind of famous on Twitch and Youtube which makes her as follows, She earns over $7,525 from playing Fortnite, $11,800 from playing League of Legends. When it comes to Youtube, she has three channels which include Pokimane, Poki ASMR, and Pokimane Too which makes her earn approx $2400 – $37900. She earns approx $25,000 monthly from Twitch and that too from subscribers only, she earns additional with overall donations and all. Pokimaine is also a social media influencer through which also she earns money and it can be $5000-$10,000 approx per month.

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Pokimane Net Worth 

Pokimane’s current net worth would be around $1-2 Million.

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