Maria Felix, Facts and How She Changed Hollywood

Late Mexican actress and singer, Maria Felix and was one of the successful actresses in the Latin American Film Industry. She was born on the 8th of April 1914, unfortunately, died on 8 April 2002. She did 47 films in her whole career which were made in the following countries Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, and Argentina. She did a film in 1943 called Doña Bárbara after which she was started recognizing as La Dona.

Another name was also given to her which was Maria Bonita (Beautiful Maria) which was kept after the anthem specially written and sung for her by her second husband Agustín Lara, who was a Mexican composer. He gifted the anthem to Maria as their wedding gift.

Maria Felix, Facts and How She Changed Hollywood

Some Facts about Maria Felix

Maria and her siblings, along with Maria her mother gave birth to 11 other children. As per the officials of the Mexican Government, Maria Felix is born on 4th May because her birthday was reported to the government almost a month after she was born. When her fans got to know about the same, they recognize her real birth date and, google even made a doodle of her on her actual birth date that is 4th April.

Felix’s only child Enrique is from her first marriage which lasted for six years only. Enrique was kind of kidnapped by his father when he came to visit him and refused to give him back to his mother Felix. With the help of her fiance, (soon to be the second husband), Felix planned a full-proof plan to kidnap back her son from his father. Her second husband Augustin Lara was possessive about Felix and even tried to kill her once during a violent argument between the couple

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How Felix Changed the Hollywood

Maria Felix was a strong-headed woman who was also a Feminist. In the Hollywood industry, she was famous for rejecting roles that used to portray Mexicans as Inferior. To meet Hollywood Anglo Standards, she was asked to change her name and was given options such as Diana del Mar or Marcia Maris but she strongly refused to change her name. She was walking down the streets when she got spotted. Fernando Palacios spotted the actress and asked her if she is willing to act in movies. He also introduced her to Hollywood and he is the one who brought her to the Hollywood


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