Teen Student GANG RAPED!!! for DAYS!!! by 11 Boys in Hotel

The horrifying incident where a teenage student was gang-raped in a hotel has sparked outrages online. Two main suspects, aged 27, were arrested last week in the connection with the incident. Later, the authorities arrested nine teenage boys in connection with the case. The arrest came after the victim reported her horrific ordeal to the authorities in southern Israel.

The Police Department recently issued a statement claiming that the survivor’s claims are true and they have the evidence. This horrific incident occurred at the Red Sea Hotel, where at least 30 men allegedly abused the teen. The 16-year-old teenage girl visited the hotel on August 12, last year with her friends for few drinks. She hadn’t expected such a horrible incident would occur to her.

The witness who was present at the hotel told the authorities that around 30 men assaulted the young girl. A CCTV footage recovered from the Hotel also supports the claim. The footage showed dozens of men flocking towards the room where the alleged incident occurred. People on the internet expressed their anger and urged the authorities to severely punish the perpetrators.

The manager took no action when the guest reported to him.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also discovered the horrifying news and expressed his disgust. He condemned the heinous attack and mentioned the incident was a brutal crime against humanity. Even though the witness claim that the victim was assaulted by 30 men, the authorities believe otherwise. The authorities claimed that there may not be 30 perps, however, the suspects were more than a dozen.

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In the recent development, the police department has arrested the manager of the hotel. The manager allegedly tried to obstruct the investigation. Police Department charged the manager for obstructing the investigation and failure to prevent such a heinous crime. The girl is currently in police protection, but she is suffering from terrible emotional distress and is in an unstable mental condition.


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