Overwatch Tier List 2021: Best Heroes to Use in Overwatch in 2021

Overwatch, probably one of the most popular and demanding games that we see in the last 4 or 5 years. This game is basically creat a game-changing scenario for the competitive e-sports.

In today’s article, we gonna talk about the hero’s that we use basically in competitive gameplay. Here mainly we talk about those heroes and their role in the gameplay. So, if you are a regular player of this game then go through this article completely. After reading the whole one I hope your gameplay will improve a lot or you know more about this.

There is basically lots of heros so we divide it into 5 tier. From the first to fifth tier, the usage of those heroes becomes less important simultaneously.

Tier 1 heroes

  1. Wrecking Ball: He is the first hero in our today’s list. Wrecking Ball is basically play the role of a Tank. If you can play in style then definitely use it.
  2. Zarya: Zarya is also a tank hero. If you use her ability then her damage is boost and then you can use it properly.
  3. Tracer: Tracer is also an attacker player. She can dominate the field with her lighting fast speed, shooting and quickness.
  4. Zenyatta: He is basically a support player.
  5. Mercy: Mercy is another support player which can give a great impact on the game.

So, these are the tier 1 heros. Now let’s talk about tier 2 heros.

Tier 2 Heros

  1. Reinhardt: He is also a very effective tank player in the game.
  2. Sigma: Sigma is another tank player which give an extra benefit with his health power.
  3. Echo: Echo is an attacker player of this game which has amazing potential power.
  4. Sombra: She is another great attacker player in the game.
  5. Widowmaker: She is basically an attacker player who snipes very well.
  6. Ashe: Ashe is another great attacker player.
  7. Ana: Ana is well known for his supporting role.
  8. Brigitte: she is also a very great support player in the game.
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Baptiste: It is another support player.

Tier 3 heroes

  1. Roadhog: he is a tank player in the game.
  2. D.VA: it’s also a tank player in the game.
  3. Winston: His role is tank player in the game.
  4. Torbjorn: He is another attacking player.
  5. Mei: it’s another attacker player which can give a great impact on the game.
  6. Hanzo: hanzo is another attacker.
  7. Lucio: Lucio is well known for his supporting role.

Tier 4 heroes

  1. Soldier 76: it’s another great attacker in the game.
  2. Orisa: orisa is mainly a tank player in the game.
  3. Reaper: Reaper is another great attacker hero.
  4. Junkrat: he is also famous for attacking player.
  5. Doomfist: Doomfist is a attacker.
  6. Pharah: She is also a very useful attacker player for beginners.
  7. Genji: Genji is another great attacker.

Moira: She is well known for her supporting role.

Tier 5 heroes 

1. Bastion: it is also a very important attacking hero in the game.

So, these are basically the details of all heroes that can make a great impact on your gameplay. After reading the whole article, I hope you can understand how that hero actually play and how you can use them.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the latest updates.

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