Disabled Teen Brutally GANG RAPED!!! by 2 Boy for WEEKS!!! on School Bus

A disabled teenage girl in Georgia went through a horrible ordeal in her school bus. The 14-year-old girl’s mother filed a lawsuit where she claimed that a group of students allegedly raped her daughter on a school bus. The lawsuit also claims that the driver of the school bus failed to intervene in the horrific incident.

What’s more chilling is — the abuse didn’t happen one time. The group of students used to sexually abuse the girl with special needs on a daily basis from April 4 to April 20, 2019. The girl is identified as Jane Doe in the documents recovered from the court. Doe’s mother filed the lawsuit only in March this year at the Northern District of Georgia against the school, Fulton County School District.

The young girl has limited physical and mental capabilities. She was born with disabilities always finds trouble while interacting with other people and communicating with someone. The court documents mentioned that the girl has neurodevelopmental disabilities and she behaves like a child of a far younger age than her.

Perps regularly groped the girl on a regular basis

The ordeal was started by a first student who sat next to the victim and then started groping her breasts. After that, another student sat next to the victim and again groped her. The second student allegedly assaulted the disabled victim and eventually raped her. On the next day, the student even made the girl touch him and exposed himself. The bus driver never intervened during the ordeal, not even once.

According to the lawsuit, on April 20, the boy who had been abusing her allegedly removed the girl’s clothes, groped her, and then raped her on the school bus. The lawsuit claims that the bus driver intentionally avoided his duty and didn’t maintain discipline on the bus. Even though the bus was small with only a few rows, audio, and video surveillance, the teen girl didn’t receive any help for her safety.

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A medical examiner has confirmed that the girl indeed had been raped, and now she suffers from emotional distress. Brian Noyes, the district spokesperson reported that they are strongly investigating the incident while respecting the privacy of parties involved due to the involvement of minor students.



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