Brave And Bold Answers to Silly Review’s Of The Customers By The Chinese Restaurant owner.

In the world of the internet and digitalization. Asking for review and feedback is becoming a usual thing. There are some genuine and honest customers, who give honest and true feedbacks and reviews. But the number of this honest customer is very less, in comparison to fake people. These fake people often speak badly about the services provided to them. Mainly on social media and websites.

This often demotivates and discourages the service provider. At large this type of reviews and feedbacks often leads to the company name getting spoiled in a long run. These people are mostly affected by the negativity around them. They are also under the influence of powerful and strong people and they think they can say and do anything they prefer.

Oriental Express Goes Trending on Social Media for Its Reply To Customer Review.  

The 50-year-old businesswoman and the owner of a Chinese takeaway and café in England is all over social media for her brave and bold replies to customer reviews. Alice Cheung originally from china and settled in England is running her Chinese takeaway and café at Leeds in England. It has a five-star rating on the just eat website. Still, it gets negative reviews from people. Mostly fake people with fake and silly reviews.

50-year-old Cheung told the local news channels, that she takes out time from her busy schedule. In order to reply to the most maximum customer reviews, she gets. She even gives genuine and proper answers even to the fake and false reviews. Cheung is open to true and honest criticism and she’s always welling on improving her services. She wants the satisfaction of her customer.

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Cheung now has her own way to deal with fake customers. After her replies got viral and became trending. She took it to Facebook, in order to tell people the reason behind her brave and bold replies to the customer. Cheung said “Hi all following the news article we’ve had lots of people join the page, welcome. Just wanted to point we are in no way trying to be rude in some request if we genuinely got something wrong and you leave a bad review that’s our fault and will rectify it. If you leave a silly review we’ll reply with something similar!”

Further, she said ” negative reviews tend to put business owners down and demotivate them, I want to be realistic! I think review [responses] should be honest and not corporate responses,”. She even said that ” People need to know the truth, especially other people reading reviews!”

The rely to the review that claimed food to be ‘terrible’ Cheung replied saying “you ordered a vegetarian Munch Box and then called the shop to complain that there was no MEAT in it. We sent what you ordered and there was noting wrong with it. The bad review is to cover your error.”

This issue has put Cheung in huge trouble but she is thankful to all her loyal customers and hopes this phase too passes soon. As she is receiving racist comments and is getting bad rating on google’s page.

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