Seo Hyun and Lee Jun Young’s Upcoming Netflix Movie Moral Sense

Seo Hyun, a Korean singer, and actress who came into the industry as a singer and found talent of acting as well. Hyun in 2007 debuted in a Korean girl band called Girls’ Generation, which was one of the famous girl bands of Korea and was best selling-artists too. While being a member of the girl band, Hyun found her growing career in acting as well and tried her luck. Hyun got a supporting role in a Korean television drama called Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. In 2017, Hyun decided to release her solo work as well while being a member of the band.

Lee Jun Young, is also a Korean singer, a rapper who also found his career in acting. In 2014, Young became a member of a Korean boy band called U-Kiss. He also tried his luck in acting while being a member of the band. He did some television dramas, which includes Avengers Social Club in 2017, Goodbye to Goodbye 2018, Class of Lies in 2019, and many more. These two Korean singers are allegedly going to be starer in a movie together.

Seo Hyun and Lee Jun Young's Upcoming Netflix Movie Moral Sense

Seo Hyun and Lee Jun Young upcoming Korean movie together?

Netflix recently confirmed about starring the two Korean singers for the upcoming Korean movie Moral Sense (Title of the movie might change). The movie will revolve around Jung Ji Woo which will be played by Seo Hyun and Jung Ji Hoo which will be played by Lee Jun-Young. his movie will Hyun’s first big-screen break.

Talking about the movie, Jung Ji Hoo will be having two personalities, the one with he charms all the co-working girl and the other where his personal taste in women gets highlighted. Jung Ji Woo is a co-worker of Ji Hoo and will accidentally get to know about his taste in women. It will lead to a romance between these two. This movie is based on a Webtoon with the same name.

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