Priyanka Chopra Net Worth 2021: Wealth, Earnings & More

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon and golden creedal it’s the hard work and dedication towards the work that do wonders. Everyone has to struggle in life to get all the luxuries and for all the dreams to come true. A person regardless of gender should be financially stable and that’s when he or she will be able to live life on their terms. It gets very important for a woman to be financially independent. Or else she has to always depend on others for every single need. Let us discuss Priyanka Chopra Net Worth 2021 and what are assets.

Priyanka Chopra Net Worth 2021

Pee Cee started her career with Tamil movies, made her way to Bollywood and now to Hollywood. Priyanka Chopra Net Worth 2021 is $30 million USD which is around 225 crore Indian rupees. Most of her income is from the brand endorsement for which she is paid 5 crores per endorsement. For acting in the films she charges around 19 crores.

She even gets around 1.80 Crore by posting a paid Instagram post. For her recent Hollywood series, she is paid 2 crores per episode. She also has heavy investments made in real estate properties. She is among the top celebrities to pay the highest tax to the government.

Priyanka Chopra Net Worth 2021: Wealth, Earnings & More

Priyanka Chopra – Early Life And Career.  

As we all know Bollywood is all known for the struggling and self-made stars. Priyanka Chopra who’s also called ‘Pee Cee’ by fans is one such actress. Priyanka belonged to a well-to-do family with no connections to the film industry.

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Both of the parents worked as physicians in the Indian Army. She is the first and the elder child got all the love, care, support, and pampering from the parents. But she was treated the same way in the outside world.

She faced racism during her school days and was bullied by the male producer during the initial stage of her career in Bollywood. Coming from all these struggles and getting a name was not easy but ‘Pee Cee’ made her way out from all these ups and downs and now she’s become a world icon. She is amongst the list of most influential people in the world by ‘Times’. In India, she is the highest-paid and the richest actress in Bollywood. She was also awarded Padma Shri Award for her dedication to the industry.

Property And Other Investments of Priyanka Chopra.

The actress owns a Bungalow in Juhu, Mumbai worth 100 crores, She even owns a holiday home in goa, a mansion in Los Angels, and an apartment in New York worth crores of rupees. she is even a proud owner of Royce – Royce worth 2.5 Crore along with a Mercedes Benz S Class Worth 1.1 crore. Besides this, she even owns a Porsche, Mercedes Benz E Class, and BMW. She recently came up with a restaurant in New York that is co-owned by business partner Maneesh Goratyal. She even owns a film-producing company named Purple Pebble Pictures and Anomaly haircare.

Besides the actress has invested in the dating app ‘Bumble’, also in Holberton School of software engineering and in Apartment list. Recently the actress has published a memoir and established her name in the writing field too.

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While the actress has all the luxuries and happy life she believes in giving to the less fortunate ones. She is actively involved in charity work and helping the less fortunate.

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