Lalitha Chittoor Attends Round Table Conference with Vice President Kamala Harris

On Tuesday, March 16 an Indian American entrepreneur participated in a Round Table conference with US Vice – President Kamala Harries. The meeting was the part of the Biden administration’s “Help is Here” initiative that outlines the benefits of around Us Dollar 1.9 trillion Covid -19 relief package. Its also known as American Rescue Plan.

Indian American Woman Attends Round Table Conference. 

As we all know many Indians settled in America and are still migrating to the country permanently. They only settled there for the job and career opportunities but now the people have established their own business. Women too are not lacking behind in this field.

Most of the Indian American women are now entrepreneurs, running their own business. They are not only running the business but are even recognized worldwide for their work. Lalitha Chittoor is one such woman.  Who running her own enterprise in America.  She came up with  Eco All Trading LLC in 2019. She is the founder of the company that involves sustainable products such as stainless steel, birch wood and bamboo which she imports from India to Us.

Lalitha was present in the round table conference with her partner Dough Emhoff and her daughter in Denver, Colorado, to discuss the administration’s sustainable policies to counter climate change.  She was born in Chennai and is a naturalized citizen of US. She came up with the enterprise in order to help widowed women based in India.

Here enterprise fulfills the needs of restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias in schools colleges, the federal government, state government, and prisons. She was present in the and was supported by the US vice-president Kamala Harris. In order to support Lalitha and her business along with other small businesses, Kamala  Harries said “our small business leaders are not just that. You are civic leaders, community leaders and role models.”

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She spoke about and showed her support for a global plastic policy. Harries brought up the administration’s efforts towards climate change. which will be followed by a policy staffer along with her. According to her small business are the heartbeat of every community. Bout which she even spoke in the round table conferences.

Further, she said that “Its our small businesses that hire the community, that uplift the community, that have regular customers who come in and you can recognize if they are having a bad day and you already know what they don’t have to put in order.”

Joining Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff for this listening session were Lorena Cantarovici, CEO and founder of Maria Empanada, Jack Briggs, President, and CEO of Spring Rescue mission Gabriela Salizar, Owner of Colorado Artisan too attended the conference.

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