Where Shikamaru Could Do better if He Wasn’t Such A Slacker

Shikamaru Nara was a corroborative personality in the Naruto heavens and one of the largely creative heroes Fiercely competent and equally enthusiastic to his allies, he has ascertained his skills on a quantity of circumstances encompassing the hazardous Sasuke recovery job.

However, the stunning ninja is not without shortcomings but his torpid attitudes often hinder his path to evolve a successful and thriving shinobi.

Shikamaru was among their quantity. Nonetheless, considering that he did not want to give pertained to in the conflict, he only deluded as if he was sleep. This was a galling revulsion of obligation, especially for one of the few personalities who would actually be facilitated to chunin after the dust had resolved.

By identifying his capacity if he prevailed to alleviate these inhibitions, we can win against appreciate Shikamaru’s innate skill and how it already benefits Konoha considerably. Additionally, we have a better knowledge of his natural capabilities.

Shikamaru’s shadow Jutsu is his most iconic move. It forces his opponents to copy his motions, and over time, he was able to refine them with additional abilities (such as shadow stitching and strangulation).

However, if he exercised more in his child, he would have attained these abilities much shortly empowering essential bargains in dire situations such as Orochimaru’s charge on the Leaf, Additionally, he might have even occurred prepared to formulate jutsu of his own that he possesses yet to become common with.

When the Sand’s invasion against Konoha first began, Kabuto spotted a genjutsu on the auditorium supervising Sasuke’s debate against Gaara to assure there were no intervals.

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Only the keenest shinobi were able to disclose themselves before the moment put up with a consequence.

Shikamaru had all of the certificates to come to be a prosperous Hokage. He ascertained a reputation as a formidable shinobi, was a decent tactician, had an excellent relationship with other villages (particularly the Sand), and was actually one of the few personalities to have directly overthrown an Akatsuki partner by himself.

These all speak favorably the likelihood that he might one day become the Leaf’s next governor. However, he has never maintained the office since it would undisputedly live too much job for him to deem.


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