Work From Home Indian Companies Not Ready To Go With The New Normal Trend Post Covid.

In the new normal most of the companies switched to work from home world wide. Work from is the new trend of an new era full of uncertainties. People are getting used to the new trend but they soon need a solution to problem. Work from is not the permanent solution to the pandemics new normal as people are looking for ways to step out and to get some fresh air.

Indeed Survey Results Showing The Willingness of Employees for WFH.

The online job portal indeed conducted a survey, few days back across the 12 Indian cities. The survey was conducted with an objective to find out the number of employees willing to work from home. In  the new normal smallest to the largest industries and enterprises shifted to work from home. The employees who were employed in the metropolitan cities had migrated to their native place during the pandemic and are now working from home.

According to the survey results most of the Indian companies and its employees are less willing to work from home. As soon as the pandemic ends or if there’s some solution to the current situation. where as the foreign companies are more likely to work from home even after the pandemic. They are willing to work from permanently as compared to Indian employees.

The data collected by indeed shows that out of 10 employees 7 employees are les welling to work from home that comes to around 59 percent of the total working population of India. The ones who shifted to their place they are willing to shift back to the place of their employment or to  the metropolises. If required by the company.  This makes around 50 percent of the total work force. 46 percent employees stated that the migration to native place was not permanent and that it was temporary.

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There is no decline in the work productively even in this difficult situation while the  most of the work is done and handled from home. 1 out of 4 employee showed decline in the work productivity. Where as 3 out of 4 showed the same work productivity like before. Compared to male Woman turned out to be less productive in this new normal.

The study even shows that 67 percent of the small enterprises and 70 percent of the large enterprises are not willing to continue with the work from home post pandemic. 90 percent of the digital working platforms are not willing to carry on the wok from home and would come up to office set up after pandemic ends.

29 percent attributed for work from home post pandemic where as 24 percent are looking out for solution to the pandemic. 32 percent of the employees are willing to take a pay cut and work from home where as 88 percent senior employees are not willing to take a pay cut.

ValueVox conducted the survey on behalf of indeed between  December 2020 and January 2021. 1200 employees and 600 employers had taken part in the survey.

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