Thor: Love and Thunder’s Leaked Photos Drop Major Spoilers of Marvel Studio’s Upcoming Movie

The release of Thor: Love and Thunder are still a year away but the plot details and leaked photos. And videos are igniting the fire of excitement and eagerness in the hearts of Marvel Studios fans.

Love and Thunder’s Leaked Photos

Recently leaked videos and photos from the set of Thor: Love and Thunder, displaying Melissa McCarthy, Matt Damon, and Luke Hemsworth. They have already been flooding the social media space. The full-length clip sees Melissa dressed up as Hela originally played by Cate Blanchett. Matt Damon reprising his classic role of Like. And Luke Hemsworth playing the role of his brother Chris Hemsworth. The clip seems to be fun filming of the theatrical version of Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor.Lovevand Thunder

As per the clips, the actors seem to be reprising the deadly fight between the Goddess of Death. And the king of Asgard but with a finch of a comic touch.

Major details about the plot of Marvel Studios’ upcoming venture

As of now, there is not much revealed about the plot of Thor: Love and Thunder, but the leaked information about the cast. And the fans’ theories have been spilling some beans about the Marvel Studios’ upcoming project.

Thor.Love and Thunder

Lately, the news about Christian Bale being a major part of Thor 4 has been making fans go crazy. Fans are already speculating he is going to portray the role of Gorr The God Butcher. As per comics, Gorr is one of the deadliest villains in history. His power can even make the mad titan shame on his abilities. There are also possibilities that Bale can be seen as Beta Ray Bill, Thor’s rival who has the abilities, skills, and power like the god himself.

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We also came to know about the returning of Natalie the Portman as Jane Foster but there is a big twist. The fourth installment of Thor is going to introduce Jane Foster as the female Thor.

There are also other rumors flying around that Ryan Reynolds could be playing the role of Beta Ray Bill. This casting can make things messed up for the Marvel Universe as Reynolds is going to make his MCU debut with Deadpool 3 soon.

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