Mobile Manufacturer Xiaomi To Enter Auto Mobile Market. Here’s The Answer to How.

The popular smart phone manufacturer Xiaomi always ventured the new market while it  still continues to produce smartphones. The company is producing smart washes, Fitness bands, smart TV’s laptops and much more. China based Xiaomi has its market well established not only in china but across the globe.

Xiaomi To Venture Auto Mobile Market. With An Electric Car Model. 

Now the company is all set to venture the automobile industry by producing its own electric car. The company will start manufacturing the cars in the coming months. The actual date is not yet reveled but there are rumors which say that the company is in talk  with the local automobile  manufacturing company to allow Xiaomi to produce the the cars in its manufacturing plants.

According to the sources the news came from an investor. Whos close to the companies founder and CEO Lei Jun. It is said that he will be heading the car upcoming project. The cars launched by the company will focus on the medium to high end market. It will even take an advantage of the brands strong portfolio of technology.

Lei Jun already had a conversation with local automobile manufacturer Great wall Motors, along with local  NIO, he will even consult on building a car.  Companies Vice president and Co – founder Wang Chuan will be the in charge of the car manufacturing unit.

Though the company is launching an electric car for the first time. Its not new to the filed as in 2019 the company had launched an SUV named T77. Great Wall Motor will assist the the Xiaomi with engineering consultancy and manufacturing facilities. It will even ramp up the whole EV project.

Similarly like the mobile phone market the  auto mobile company aims at targeting the masses. Its competing with Chinese company Tesla.  The partnership of Xiaomi and great wall is not yet officially confirmed by the companies. But the companies are meeting up next week to announce the partnership conformation.
The company is coming up with the electric car but its not yet confirmed whether it will have a self-driving facility or no.
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