LinkedIn Adds Creator Mode to Help Users Turn Into Influencers

LinkedIn is a popular American professional website that is globally known for providing employment opportunities and make professional networking. The application operates as a website and on mobile apps.

Creator Mode to Help Users

The website allows job seekers to post their Resumes and employers to post job opportunities.LinkedIn enables members of Linkedln which includes both workers and employers to create profiles and “connect” to each other in a social network which is a professional relationship. Members can send invites to anyone in order to become a connection.

LinkedIn adds creator mode to help users turn into influencers

LinkedIn adds a new feature creator mode to turn users into influencers

LinkedIn, the professional networking site, has decided to invite users in order to try the new creator mode. it is designed to encourage users to post more of their own original content, with an aim to become influencers, or have corporate personality leaders

.Creator mode changes the presentation of profiles to make a point of the topics that users discuss on the platform. Once creator mode is selected, a user can post hashtags of their interests, which will appear below their job title atop the profile, basically, creator mode moves up the “Activity and Featured” sections, which will highlight posts and links that a user shares, as they are displayed before the bio boxes called About.

LinkedIn adds creator mode to help users turn into influencers

Creator mode, which is being brought out this week, will allow people to “Follow” others using the new setting instead of adding the person in their professional network. The Follow button has always been available, but users had to look for it by searching hard in the settings menu.

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Adult LinkedIn users in the U.S. log onto the platform at least once a month, it will grow from 62.1 million for the year 2020 to 64.7 million this year, which will increase and reach 70.9 million in the year 2024.

LinkedIn is now facing competition from startups who have more features, for example, audio-only Clubhouse app and Upstream, which brings and connects professional groups together.

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