Top 5 Web Series by TVF: Everything You Want Know

Web series have been a part of the TVF creative team for a long time now. TVF has been making web series for as long as I can remember and it all started with Permanent Roommates which became an Indian sensation. They have made more than 10 web series on their channel as well as sister channels. Some are amazing and some are not even worth watching. But They are all original.

Top 5 Web Series by TVF:

So, if you have not watched any WebSeries by TVF or you want to watch a good web series in this long weekend. Here is a list of top web series by The Viral Fever.


The first show of TVF was as good as it could have been. The show focuses on a couple. the guy just arrived in India and wants to live with her girlfriend and she is not ready to be in a live-in relationship. Permanent roommates show the conflicts in the love of the real-world and not some fiction everything-is-okay world. A permanent roommate sets a bar for how shows should’ve made. Although the season was not up to the mark.


We all love movies and TV shows about engineers and their student life as we are all facing it and had faced it in the past. We all want to live back in the moments of our hostel days. That’s why this genre is one of the most popular genres in India. Hostel Daze focuses on 3 roommates and this is a one-problem-per-episode type structure. Everything about the show is amazing. Again the show is not a masterpiece. The show has some amazing gigs and plot lines. Some characters are breaking the fourth wall and narrating to the audience what’s happening in the show in a comic style. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

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This show is one of the best shows you will ever watch in your life. I don’t want to disclose much about this sow to you guys but the story focuses on 4 friends who want to start a start-up leaving their original jobs. And their struggle to pitch their idea to funders. It’s great how it goes deep and beyond just friendship and pitching ideas. You can find the whole series on Youtube and the Tvf website.

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