Red Velvet Yeri Sparked Controversy After Greeting Irene on Her Birthday

On Monday, Mar. 29, Red Velvet Yeri wished her group leader Irene on her birthday through her Instagram Stories. The Story has since gotten separated conclusions from individuals.

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Red Velvet’s Yeri Greets Irene on Her Birthday 

On Mar. 29, Red Velvet part Yeri shared a photograph stall-style photograph of her and Irene to praise the last’s birthday.

Alongside the image incorporates the caption, “Joohyun (interpreters note: Joohyun is Irene’s genuine name) unnie, upbeat birthday! Allow us to snicker to an ever-increasing extent. I love you. Make the most of your uncommon day!”

From that point forward, her post has partaken in an online local area discussion. The post has since been bantered over, for certain individuals enjoying how Yeri welcomed Irene, while others pummeled her for doing as such.

Negative Response to Red Velvet Yeri’s Instagram Story 

The post that highlighted Red Velvet Yeri’s Instagram Story welcoming Irene on her birthday on the online local area discussion has more disapprovals (loathes) than approvals (likes). As of press time, the post has 472 abhorrences and just 183 preferences.

In any case, why are individuals so against the post? It is a result of Irene’s past “gapjil” discussion.

On Oct. 21, 2020, a style proofreader shared an extensive post to her Instagram, guaranteeing she was obnoxiously mishandled by a female icon. In spite of the fact that she didn’t uncover what its identity was, she added the hashtags #psycho and #monster to her post, which drove individuals to accept it was either Seulgi or Irene of Red Velvet, as the two of them dealt with the said melodies.

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Irene before long delivered a statement of regret, conceding the allegations were valid. She was sorry to individuals she worked with who she hurt and communicated disgrace over her past words and activities. She guaranteed that this would not occur once more.

Her organization, SM Entertainment, likewise gave a public expression of remorse.

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