Naruto: 10 Strongest Characters Who Didn’t Fight In The Fourth Great Ninja War

Although it appears that all shinobi took part in World War Four, some avoided the war altogether. Naruto’s great fourth ninja war was a battle between allied shinobi forces that had imprisoned all the great shinobi villages in the world, and Akatsuki for Fighting was the best the shinobi world had ever seen.

Naruto Updates: 10 Strongest Characters

In the sequel all characters were included. who were still alive at the time. Those who died rose to fight in war. However, not all roles have been able to demonstrate their superior competence for one reason or another.

Konohamaru was a genin in the entire Naruto series and one of the few who didn’t fight in the fun Fourth Ninja War. It’s not uncommon for a genin to be brought into play, but things were very different during the Fourth War.

Despite being a genin, he was strong enough to defeat one of the Dolores in a fit of pain, but he missed the war. Kurenai, one of the younger members of Naruto’s Konohagakure, was named after Genjustu for his excellent skills, but few of his skills have been seen.together in history he was still terribly masterful.

Naruto: 10 Strongest Characters (Who Didn’t Fight In The Fourth Great Ninja War)

Kurenai carried Asuma’s son and therefore did not participate in the fourth great ninja war or in the following shinobi courses.

Anko was muscular and Orochimaru’s apprentice. She was an accomplished ninja in her day and is still in the prime of her life. He would certainly have been useful in the good fourth ninja war, he had no chance to participate.

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When Kabuto grabbed her, Anko was disarmed by him and he or she was incomprehensible throughout the event. One of Konohagakure’s most masterful relationships, Yamato was also a user of Ninjutsu Wood Unharness, the approach the main Hokage was famous for.

Yamato would be a great addition to warfare, especially when it comes to banishing tail animals with Ninjutsu Wood unharness. was kidnapped and Kabuto Yakushi interrupted him. Have problems during the war. Known as the strongest Kazekage in Sunagakure’s past, the third Kazekage was a Magnet Release user and came to the Iron Sands with him.She was quite powerful, as evidenced by her rank as Kage.

For various reasons, Kabuto decided not to resuscitate him and denied him any chance to fight during the war. Danzo, one of the muscular people in Konohagakure, was killed by Sasuke Uchiha because of the Iron Lord. At the fifth Kage summit, the war started soon after, so it would make sense to repaint it.

Once again, Kabuto has decided not to bring it back for reasons unknown, although it would certainly be a nice addition to their website. He was the brother of Madara Uchiha, powerful enough to fight against people like Tobirrama Senju, but he did not return to fight Edo Tensei.

Fascinated by the painting, although Kabuto could not find it and could find a blood sample because his body was under the ocean, Jiraiya did not fight in the war because of it, and Itachi killed his group and left the city. Before he died, he entrusted his mangekyo to Itachi and then sank into the Naka River. Like Jiraiya, Kabuto couldn’t get his body back, and he didn’t.

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Sakumo Hatake was a legendary ninja Konohagakure, previously mentioned as being more powerful than the legendary Sannin. and it would have been a threat if Kabuto had revived him during the war, although it was absolutely amazing that Sakumo wasn’t even mentioned so he couldn’t look at it and show fans how cheap it was.

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