Keanu Reeves to Feature Live-Action Film and Anime Spin-off Series For Netflix

Keanu Reeves has closed the deal to feature and produce a live-action film and Anime spin-off series based on his blockbuster Boom! Studio comic book series BRZRKR for Netflix. As per a press release recently released by Netflix, they have announced the creation of the BRZRKR cinematic universe or also called BRZRKRCU.

Keanu Reeves to Feature Live

This is year is going to be a great treat for all Reeves’s fans as first, they are going to witness his mind-blowing skills in a live-action thriller and shortly, thereafter will get a chance to hear his husky and soothing voice in a BRZRKR anime spin-off series slated to premiere on Netflix.


However, there is not much revealed about the upcoming ventures, but it is exciting to know that Netflix is going all-in on Live action and anime series. In recent years, the streaming platforms have seen anime series from different franchises getting popular among the viewers, and that somewhere gave the platform to drop BRZRKR, and no doubt it has the potential to become the next big thing.

BRZRKR is a mix of 12 issues limited comic book series inspired by the issues Reeves have been cooking for a long time. We have seen the amount of violence Reeves is capable of creating in his box-office hit John Office and that somewhere helped the franchise to create a buzz around the upcoming venture.

BRZRKR is altogether a creation of Reeves as it is written by Keanu Reeves, produced by Keanu Reeves and New York Times bestselling writer Matt Kindt, and illustrated by Ron Garney, colores by Bill Crabtree, penned by Clem Robins, and character making and cover designing by Rafael Grampa.

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To give the audience a glimpse of what the franchise is going to present, they have dropped a Reeves narrated trailer of the issue last month.

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