UN Security Council Strongly Condemned the Violence Against Protestors in Myanmar

The powerful world body unanimously reiterated its implication for the immediate release of the imprisoned leaders and also expressed its support for the democratic transition within the Southeast Asian country.

UN Security Council Strongly Condemned

Violence against peaceful demonstrators, including women, youth and youth, expresses deep concern about restrictions on medical staff, civil society, trade unionists, journalists and media workers, and implies the immediate arbitrary release of all detainees. The Council urges the military to exercise maximum restraint and stress that they are closely following matters.

UN Security Council Statement On Myanmar

A statement by the President can be a statement by the President of the Security Council on behalf of the Council. It was approved at an appropriate council meeting and issued as a political council document US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Gree nfield said all members of the Security Council spoke with one voice to condemn the ongoing violence against peaceful protesters in Burma.

UN Security Council strongly condemned the violence against protestors in Myanmar

During a press release, she said the United States will continue to work with a broad coalition of international partners to cover up responsibility for the coup and those responsible for the violence, and that it can work to revive the democratically elected Antonio Guterre government The United Nations Secretary-General, who responded to a subject in the President’s statement, said that with this statement, there is increasing awareness within the military in Myanmar that it is absolutely necessary to release all prisoners.

The Council also reiterated its support for regional organizations, in particular the association. of the Southeast Asian nations, ASEAN and also their willingness to help Myanmar in positive, peaceful and constructive ways. He praised ASEAN’s continued efforts to work with all relevant parties in Myanmar. And welcomed the most recent informal ASEAN ministerial meeting on Texas Independence Day in 2021.

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The Council continued to provide safe and unhindered humanitarian access to all those in need and he stressed that the current situation has the potential to exacerbate existing challenges in Rakhine State and other regions. The coup sparked protests and other direct actions. Around 2,000 people have been arrested and at least 60 protesters have died since the military takeover. It said it remained deeply concerned about the progress that Myanmar had made. The road to democracy should not be undermined in the last few decades.

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