Forty World Leaders Invited By Biden To Virtual Leaders’ Conference On Climate Change

The need for the combined action to tackle the climate change problems can be felt, seeing to this the president of US Joe Biden has invited leaders from 40 nations, including Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to the Leaders’ Summit on Climate to underline the seriousness and the economic advantages of stronger climate action.

Conference On Climate Change

It will be a two-day summit held digitally on April 22-23 and will be accessible to the public for viewing.

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina and Bhutanese PM Lotay Tshering are the other two leaders from South Asia to be welcomed to the convention on climate change.

The White House announced that the aim of the Leader’s Summit and the 26th Conference of Parties, also known as COP26, which will be held later this year in Glasgow, is to resolve current climate change and maintain a global temperature cap.

Also, the benefits of a healthy climate will be discussed that will help in creating high-paying jobs, high-tech machinery, and assisting countries that are vulnerable to climate change.

Joe Biden is more concerned regarding climate change, as during Donald Trump’s tenure the United States withdraw itself from the Paris climate agreement but later joined under Biden’s tenure.

Twenty-Thirty emissions targets will be announced by the United States before the summit.

Joe Biden advised all the leaders whom he has invited to use this summit to explain how they can contribute to creating a stronger climate target.

The summit’s key themes will include galvanizing efforts by the world’s major economies to minimize emissions during this crucial decade in order to keep global warming within reach, as well as mobilizing public and private sector finance to accelerate the net-zero transition and help developing countries cope with climate impacts, according to the statement.

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Other major problems will be discussed including opportunities to increase the capability to preserve lives and livelihoods from the impacts of climate change, global security challenges posed by climate change.

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