Don Cheadle set to join ‘The Wonder Years’ as narrator

Don Cheadle:

It’s the time audience should get ready to witness the perfect blend of gravitas and comedic timing as Don Cheadle is set to add another star to the reboot of The Wonder Years at ABC with his vocal presence. Don Cheadle is going to be the voice of adult Dean Williams, played by Elisha ‘EJ’ Williams in the TV movie.

Just like the original movie, The Reboot of The Wonder Years will take you on a ride from the past to the 1960s, but this time the reboot is going to shed light on the life of Williamses, a middle-class black man living his life in Montgomery, Alabama. Psych’s Dule Hill and Scandal’s Saycon Sengbloh will feature the reboot as Dean’s parents and Laura Kariuki playing his elder sister with Milan Ray portraying the role of his smart and gorgeous, crush.

The reboot will be penned by Saladin K. Patterson, with Fred Savage serving as the director because of his forever tie with little Kevin Arnold. After garnering an Oscar nomination for Andra Day in Billie Holiday vs The United States, Lee Daniels will be handling the producing chair for the reboot. With such a great team of makers behind the production, the reboot is going to bring back all the fan-favorite classic characters from the original to the silver screen.

It seems like producing reboots is an art and ABC is the Picasso of it. Since 2019, ABC has been dropping many reboots that became viewers’ favorite no time.  Cheadle’s addition to the reboot version of The Wonder Years is some kind of promise to the audience that this is going to be an even better version of the original. Most known for his epic role of ‘Rhodey’ aka The War Machine, Cheadle has left no stone unturned to establish himself as a complete actor.

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There is no new information on the release date of The Wonder Years reboot. The original series is currently streaming on Hulu.

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