‘Vikings’ Star Laurence O’Fuarain Set to Feature in ‘The Witcher’ Prequel Series

Vikings’ Star Laurence O’Fuarain

Netflix’s upcoming original fantasy series The Witcher: Blood Origin has found another key cast member in the Games of Thrones famed actor Laurence O’Fuarian. The prequel series to The Witcher was announced back in the summers last year. Currently, the series is in pre-production and expected to start the production stage soon. Other than O’Fuarain Jodie Turner-Smith is set to play a key role in one of the most anticipated prequel series of the year.

O’Fuarain got the spotlight for his memorable guest appearances in many celebrated series but this is the first time when he will be seen in a key role. On Friday, The Witcher’s official Twitter account announced that O’Fuarain is set to feature in the series as Fjall, one of the strongest warriors who ends up battling with Smith’s Eile.

Fjall is a part of the super-soldier, who takes the oath of protecting the particular king at the cost of their lives. While other members of the clan dedicated their lives without any hesitation, Fjall is still stuck with the trauma of the past and the regret of losing his loved ones. That regret and pain in his heart take Fjall on a self-discovery journey, where he ends up developing some very unlikely allies.

The original ‘The Witcher’ premiere in December 2019 was a great success for Netflix and broke many streaming records. The prequel series titles The Witcher: Blood Origin has some roots connected to the original series, the series takes you 1200 years back before the event of The Witcher when the first-ever witcher prototype was found. The pack of 6 thrilling episodes will be served by Declan De Barra as Showrunner. It also wouldn’t be surprising if O’Fuarain’s casting news becomes a catalyst for several more casting announcements for The Witcher: Blood Origins in the coming weeks.

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Currently, the series is still searching for more renowned actors to portray the key roles. The filming of the series is expected to kick-off soon and as per the pace of the production, a release date will be revealed soon.

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