Netflix anime ‘Record of Ragnarok’ Gets a New Release Date

Record of Ragnarok

It seems like the ancient Gods are the new fan-favorites nowadays, from Blood of Zeus to Hades ancient Gods are taking over almost every popular media these days. Netflix is going to add another action-packed show to this long list. Netflix is set to treat its anime streamer with a new anime adaptation of eminent Japanese manga titled Shuumatsu No Valkyrie also known as Record of Ragnarok.

Netflix is planning to corner the market with more than 40 original Japanese anime going to premiere this year. The planned projects of the streaming platform are twice the number of what streamers released this year.

The upcoming Japanese original anime will follow a mighty group named the Gods’ Council, which later determines that humanity is no longer worth preserving and they should destroy them to start a new beginning. But before this destruction happens a Valkyrie known as Brunhild proposes a plan to save humanity. He says that if thirteen strong warriors from human history can defeat thirteen mighty God then only humanity can be saved. This show will witness many nail-biting encounters between the warrior and the Gods from different cultures.

The anime will be helmed by Masao Okubo and will make his debut as a director. Okubo has been known for his work as an animator in Red Baron and Thundercats reboot. The show will be produced by Warner Bros. Japan, animated by the Japanese studio Graphinica and will be adopted by 2017’s popular manga of the same name.

Not only a mind-blowing trailer Netflix teased the streamers with a marvelous poster. The poster shows Adam encountering the almighty Jesus in what will be a battle for ages.

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As per the reports, the anime is slated to see its premiere in early June this year, a specific for the release has not been revealed by the makers.

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