Google Search App Will Now Help You Learn Science And Maths

Google has made our daily lives easier be with Gmail, Google Maps. Looks like Google is also stepping into academics making the lives of students across the globe a little easy and make learning fun for them. Traditional teaching which was teaching on the blackboard is now getting replaced with technology.

Google Search App Will Now Help You

The purpose of Google was only a search engine tool, it is now much more than a medium that can find information quickly and gives us information on significant topics and facts.
Google App is today is a powerful source of a medium that gives information on a vast range of topics. Academics have now become significant for students and technology is now a part of student’s life due to the ongoing pandemic.

Google search app will now help you learn Science and Maths

What are the topics that will be covered by Google Search App? 

STEM Concepts

Using Google Search students can now learn Science and Math concepts like chemical bonds. The students now have easy access for educational purposes with helpful examples and videos which will be accessible through a Search.

Practicing Problems

Google search app will now help you learn Science and Maths

One can search and practice problems on every concept of science and maths by searching. Google search allows users to find and practice problems on many maths, physics, and chemistry subjects by just searching for the required topic. For example, students can search for chemical bond practice problems.

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Augmented 3D models

Science is better understood and explained using live examples. That is what is the purpose of teaching science in chemistry and physics labs. Google Search gives you the chance to turn your personal room into a science lab. The app allows you to bring life to over 200 concepts of chemistry, biology, physics and only uses your phone’s AR capabilities.

Maths Problems

The Google Search app allows students to type in and search for complex solutions. The User can search for equations such as “x^2-3x-4=0” and find solutions quickly. Students can also take a picture of a written equation through the Lens in the Google app to find the solutions.

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