YouTubers Keemstar and Void Under Fire for Using Photos of SHINee Jonghyun’s Funeral in K-Pop Stans Diss Track

As of late, YouTubers Void and Keemstar delivered a video named “KPOP STANS DISS TRACK.” The video has gotten a gigantic reaction because of the use of photographs from the burial service of the late SHINee part Jonghyun.

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Void and Keemstar Use Footage of SHINee Jonghyun’s Funeral in K-Pop Stans Disstrack

On Thursday, Mar. 25, Void shared a video on his named “KPOP STANS DISS TRACK,” which included disputable YouTuber Keemstar.

During the video, there is a line that peruses, “I can’t help thinking about why recently, man, they all ending it all.”

Alongside this line incorporates photographs of the late SHINee part Jonghyun’s burial service, Jonghyun singing, and fans grieving his passing.

After seeing this, fans hammered the two substance makers for ridiculing Jonghyun’s passing and making a joke of self destruction. Individuals request the video be taken out.

In any case, as it seems the two makers won’t move, fans are assuming control over issue and calling for individual K-pop stands to report the video.

Keemstar Denies Making Fun of SHINee Jonghyun’s Passing

After the video got distributed, fans took to Twitter to request a conciliatory sentiment from the makers being referred to. Some additionally sent malignant remarks and passing dangers to the substance maker.

Accordingly, KeemStar shared a 44-second long video to his Twitter, saying he was getting passing dangers for purportedly ridiculing a K-pop star’s self destruction. He has expressed that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what fans are discussing and that he doesn’t remember ridiculing anybody’s passing.

In another video 40-second video, KeemStar states that he isn’t liable of ridiculing anybody’s self-destruction, expressing he is “100% guiltless.” He states Void is at fault, as it is his verses, and he is the person who altered the video. He expressly expresses that he is tossing Void “under the transport.”

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He agreed to join the diss track with Void after it was offered to him.

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