China-Russia Discussed Issues of Mutual Interest

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi met with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov in Guilin, a place located in south china’s Guangxi Zhuang region on Monday.

The two sides carried out the strategic conversation on worldwide and local issues of common challenge and reached a large consensus.

Important events from the conference

Both ministers discussed the current scenario in their relations with America. Both overseas ministers said that the international community believes that America needs to reflect on the damage it has carried out to global peace and improvement in recent years, prevent unilateral bullying, stop interfering in different international locations internal affairs, and prevent stretching “small circles” to engage in group confrontation.

All countries have to abide by way of the functions and standards of the charter of the united nations, pursue proper multilateralism, work for the democratization of worldwide relations, accept and promote the nonviolent coexistence and common improvement of countries with unique social structures and improvement paths.

At the Iranian nuclear issue, the 2 facets believe that the united states need to return to the complete agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue as soon as possible, and withdraw its unilateral sanction against Iran.

At the same time, they encourage Iran to enforce the agreement and hope that the comprehensive settlement at the Iranian nuclear issue will retain to play its due function in preventing nuclear proliferation.

The 2 sides also proposed the establishment of a regional security dialogue platform to form a new consensus on solving the safety issues of nations inside the location.

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On the issue of Afghanistan, the 2 sides attach significance to various international efforts, together with the Moscow process, and hope that all dialogue mechanisms related to Afghanistan will complement each other, form joint forces, absolutely embody the principle of “Afghan-owned and Afghan-led,” seize the possibility and accelerate the manner of peace, reconciliation, and reconstruction.

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