2-Year Old Chef, The New Internet Sensation

‘2-year old chef’? The term seems unacceptable and fake right. But it is not, Chef Kobe, 2, is the new Internet Sensation! Here’s everything about him you need know.

Chef Kobe– Bio

Kobe Wian, better known as Chef Kobe is a 2-year old kid who made all the social media users crazy with his charm and cooking skills.

2-year old chef, the new Internet Sensation

Born on 7 January, 2019, Kobe Wian the young guy is from Norfolk City of Virginia, US. His parents are Ashley Wian and Kyle Wian. The young chef also has a sibling, Kodi Wian who born this year, 2021.

His stardom

The young fellow started his cooking career when his mother started liking the habit of Kobe. How he eats his food, how he understands the taste and how he dislikes some.

2-year old chef, the new Internet Sensation

It all started when, Kobe’s mom decided to start a Instagram account where she will post the pictures/videos of her son. She created Chef Kobe’s Instagram account on 25 February, 2020. Just in the time of lockdown.

Till April 2020 there was not much growth of the page. But just when the lockdown started all of a sudden his followers started increasing. So much so that is touched to over 1.9 million (till date).

All the credit for Chef Kobe’s stardom goes to her mother. Despite being a homemaker she managed to film and present all that Kobe does.

2-year old chef, the new Internet Sensation

Chef Kobe now has his own website where he sells his t-shirts and stickers. In Tiktok also this child has around 580K followers. The net worth of Chef Kobe is somewhere around $ 300K which he earned at an age which is unimaginable, just 1 year! Of course all the credit goes to his parents.

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This tiny fellow has got recognition from the Cooking master, Chef Gordon Ramsay. With every new post his fanbase increases. Now he is in everyone’s heart with his cute smile, cooking abilities and all that he has learnt saying nowadays.

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