Google: Sets out New Tools to Improve Online Learning

Google the Multi National Company is again back with some new features to improve online learning. Here’s what it has done to improve online learning.

New Tools

Google Search, the widely used searching platform will now have five new tools to help people with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts.

It is known to everyone that how Google Search has proved to be a savior to all those or rather the entire world in online learning.

Now with these new tools one can– search answers for STEM concepts, get answers to complicated equations, availability of 3D motion graphics for Chemistry.

Google: Sets out new tools to improve online learning

The Google L.E.A.R.N initiative is trying to make the learning and teaching experience both for students and teachers, as easy and convenient possible.

The only flaw that this initiative has is that, it is only available in English. However, addition of other languages are expected in near future.

How will these benifit students?

Well as the company says, students will get a more easier and more practical way of understanding the complications. Starting from solved examples, to explanatory videos, 3D demonstration.

Google Lens also adds up to this initiative of making learning experience better. Just by scanning you can get all the answers in not time.

Google: Sets out new tools to improve online learning

Also, it is expected that Google will come with Augmented Reality for a better understanding in Biology and related subjects.

Apart from that, the company is also set to release a ‘practice tab’ which will allow the students to practice STEM problems directly from the search option.

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Students’ guide and career websites like– Byju’s, Career 360, Vedantu, Toppr, etc. will provide with the learning resources required for this practice tab.

These newly launched features/tools will make a better environment for students across the world who are stuck in their homes because of the deadly pandemic. Google, with all its new features has eased up all of our lives on another level.

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