Bleach: 5 Of The Worst Things Aizen Has Done

Although completely different villains are added in Bleach, Sosuke Aizen is still the main one to remember. Aizen was a villain who can always surpass soul society. He also showed his cruelty. In countless people, he betrayed the basic cognitive process in which he was involved when to him he was simply a farmer.

Let’s Have A Look At Aizen

It took him many years to find and subjugate him, and he killed and deceived innumerable people. so cruel that he was sentenced to 18,000 years in hell and only another 2,000 years of arrogance for torture. Aizen has spent many years building a hogyoku. The hogyoku can be an object that can dissolve the boundary between Shinigami and Hollow and allow one to firmly gain the strength of the other.

Aizen lost many Shinigami souls to improve his hogyoku and thus the souls of the Rukongai people. For years Aizen devoted his time to the event of a hogyoku.Aizen lost hundreds of the souls of Shinigami and the souls of the people who lived in Rukongai to improve his hogyoku. He never felt a mistake and even tried to avoid his efforts despite the number of deaths attributed to him.

Bleach: 5 Of The Worst Things Aizen Has Done

Incomplete hogyoku, Aizen decided, forcing the captains and vice-captains to endure the coloring and experimenting with their training. Before Aizen had the power to kill the people involved, Kisuke Urahara interfered. Even if Urahara couldn’t undo the results, he could generate and use his own hogyoku to avoid wasting them on hollow consumption. Urahara was originally framed by Aizen while trying to blame the disaster.

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As Vice-Captain under Aizen’s command, Momo Hinamori was completely fooled by his sweet deed AND considered him someone to trust, everything they told others. He collapsed when Aizen faked his death. By writing him a letter explaining that her childhood friend, Toshiro Hitsugaya, killed her.

He took advantage of the vulnerability, tried to punish him, but lost and was therefore happy when Aizen found out that he was not dead, he greeted him.That joy is short, Aizen hurt her and practically killed her. It took her a long time to heal emotionally from it.

Aizen’s goal was to overthrow the King of Souls permanently and to keep a peaceful planet. He needed a King’s Key to gain access to the Palace of the King of Souls. The only gratitude for building a royal secret is killing 100,000 ghosts and a large chunk of religious soil at the same time, which in the meantime could have eliminated the entire city of Karakura if it had been successful. Be international, as Yhwach showed.

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