Prince William is Very Protective About his Wife Kate

Another article regarding Royal Family and was it an obvious guess that it would again be about Prince Harry and Meghan? Somehow it is linked to a statement made by Meghan in a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. If you haven’t or don’t know the whole story, please read related articles on this topic. Now, Meghan and Prince Harry have been the talk of the show since January 2021 when they permanently stepped down from their royal duties.

Prince William is Very Protective

After that, the Duo gave interviews and choose to be vocal about the issues they faced while being in the family. They did some serious revelation about their selves, their mental healths, and most importantly about what goes inside the royal family.

Prince William is Very Protective About his Wife Kate

What is this article all about?

In the interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple gave an appearance together and made some serious statements and revelations about the Royal family after which they faced some criticism but support also. In the interview, when asked about the controversy to a “mail”.

The controversy in short was about Meghan making Kate cry before her (Meghan’s) wedding which was allegedly a lie and when Meghan tried to ask the Royal Family members and the representative to clear out the misunderstanding, they ignored it. Meghan also revealed that it was Kate who made Meghan cry but in relocation, that she added that Kate apologized to her and bought her flowers as well.

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Now, What is the Matter?

After Meghan mentioned Kate’s name that too in bad limelight, it’s being said from some unknown sources and the people close to Prince William, that he is not happy with Meghan taking Kate’s name in an interview and he became more protective toward his wife (Kate).

Even though when asked in detail and the name of other members of the Royals, the couple denied taking further names.

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