Integrated Lens Feature Added to Google Photos App

Google, the MNC and predominantly a search engine has come up with another new feature. With time, Google has done a quite a number of changes in the app. Every other day there is a new update. At times there a glitches but majority of the time the updates prove to be useful and makes our life a bit easier from what it was. This time also this new update has eased the user experience.

Integrated Lens Feature

What is this Integrated Lens Feature? Well, this new update is that few features of the Google Lens will be readily available in the Google Photos App.

Integrated Lens Feature Added to Google Photos App

This new feature lets the users to access the features of Google Lens directly from the Google Photos App. Now they don’t have to open the Google Lens separately, it’s already there just have to click on the lens icon.

The lens feature lets you select a text directly from a picture. You can select it and copy it to different apps. Also, you can translate the texts. Earlier this feature was only available in the Google Search bar. But with the inclusion of it in the Google Photos, it has become more accessible.

Integrated Lens Feature Added to Google Photos App

When will it be available for the users?

There is yet no official announcement as to when this feature will be available for the android users. For now it is available in the latest version of iOS Google.

Google has also introduced a new Explore Tab and a Favourite Section earlier this month. The availability of these two features lets you group pictures in different categories and makes the interface clean and easy-to-use.

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Google, has done wonders in the past few years with all its apps and features. Also, products launched by Google have been of very high quality and user friendly.

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