Former President Donald Trump Plans to Build his own “Social Media Platform”

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, wants to create his own platform after being suspended from nearly every major social media platform on the planet earlier this year, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. There aren’t many options, after all.

President Donald Trump Plans

The former president has largely maintained a low profile since leaving Washington and returning to his Mar-a-Lago resort home in Florida, giving only rare press releases. But Trump has been hard at work, according to Miller. He did not provide any additional details, nor did he say whether he would be personally involved.

Former President Donald Trump Plans to Build his own "Social Media Platform"

Jason Miller of Fox News predicted, “I think we’ll see President Trump returning to social media in about two or three months.” “It’s going to totally redefine the game, and all will be watching and waiting to see what President Donald Trump does “Miller, who was a key figure in both Trump’s presidential campaigns, agreed.

Miller went on to say that he expects this new platform to draw “tens of millions of people.”

This isn’t the first time the Trump campaign has shown interest a new social platform

Elon Musk was approached by Donald Trump Jr. in January and asked to create a fresh, “unbiased” website, but he declined.

Trump said in tweets that were quickly deleted, We’ve been in talks with a few other sites and will make an announcement soon. Although the possibility of Mr. Trump making a social media revival is likely to appeal to some of his fans, others are unlikely to be persuaded.

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Former President Donald Trump Plans to Build his own "Social Media Platform"

Online forums, encrypted chat applications, corners of popular social giants like Facebook and Twitter, smaller fringe sites like MeWe, Zello, Rumble, and Wimkin, and devoted right-wing alternative networks like Parler and Gab are all home to his supporters.

There seems to be no hope for Trump to Launch his Own App

In January, Apple and Google both removed Parler from their respective app stores, citing the company’s inability to control posts that encourage abuse and criminal behavior, rendering the app unusable.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon pulled its web hosting services from Parler’s website at the same time, and although the site has since found a new host and is back online, Apple has reportedly declined to reinstate Parler’s app, claiming that “there is no room for hateful, racist, discriminatory content on the App Store.”

While Donald Trump may be scrambling to create his own digital megaphone to re-establish direct contact with his online supporters, any platform built to accommodate the tens of millions of supporters Mr. Miller believes it will attract is unlikely to be able to provide the regulation-free freedoms that its users will demand.

Mr. Trump’s network could be destined to fail before it even gets off the ground, at a time when major tech firms and infrastructure providers are keener than ever to distance themselves from allegations of enabling hate speech.

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