Chelsea Handler Injured in Skiing Accident: Know More

The American comedian, Chelsea Handler, has suffered a number of injuries while skiing.

Her Health Condition

While skiing, she banged on to a tree and fell, this is what tha clip showed. She said, “I skied into one tree today and ski patrol was skiing with me and he was on the phone. He’s like, ‘Oh, I gotta take a call.’ I’m like, ‘Excuse me, I’m in a tree well.'”

Chelsea Handler injured in skiing accident

She further added with a giggle, “I mean, it’s just ridiculous, I get no respect on the mountain.”

Despite having suffered multiple injuries, Chelsea managed to add a touch of humour in it. She shared a picture with her ski guide, Kelly Booth Jackson, praising her for her good work.

“My buddy @kellyskiing has kicked my a** from January to March and has dragged my a** through some serious s**t… but now I can ski almost anything because of @kellyskiing,” she wrote.

Chelsea Handler injured in skiing accident

Handler was done with her skiing. After getting done and dusted with her ski adventure, Chelsea made another post. This new update of hers was an Instagram video where she was seen lying down on a bed with her dog.

Stating clear facts about her injury Handler wrote, “I have a torn meniscus, two broken toes, I think. One’s definitely broken, the other one might just be in a bad mood.”

Chelsea and her humour

Chelsea Handler, The American comedian, taking to to Instagram shared the news of her injury. The 46-year old, is apparently in the recovering phase.

Although facing a massive and unprecedented accident, the 46-year old comedian managed to get hold of her humours side. The clip which she uploaded, shows that she was laughing even after crashing against a tree.

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Prior to this also, Handler has went on to a lot of skiing expedition during the beginning of the season.

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