Google Launches a New Family Website: Everything You Want To know

Google, the predominantly a search engine company, based in America has now launched a family website. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Family Website– What is it?

Day-by-day Google is trying to make our life easier by adding in new facilities and apps. The company is now back again with a website which will bring the family closer with the help of its new technology. The website is named ‘Google Families‘.

Google launches a new family website

During this tough time of pandemic, Google is doing wonders with new technological advancements. This website is like a guidebook, it contains everything that is required by a family to get connected to the technology world.

The family linked to the website will get access to latest apps, detailed guide and parental control which well help their child in using internet for good. Also, online privacy and digital well-being is included in the guide provided by the website.

Family Link App Updates

Parents who are using the Family Link App for android will be able to access all that their children are doing on internet. They can even have a look at the child’s battery percentage without being physically present.

Google launches a new family website

Also, the app gives an insight about the child’s usage of the app in– daily, weekly and monthly activity reports. Other features include: Teacher approved apps (in Google Play Store), Google TV Kids and Google Space. The new update also has the “always allowed” feature which the parents can use to allow some of the apps always for their children.

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The mentioned features have been rolled out recently, so the people using the older version will have to update to the newest version. It may take some time. These features will for sure give a better user experience both for parents and children.

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