Tenet Extends its Release in IMAX Theatres in Los Angeles and New York

Tenet makers have decided to extend its release in Los Angeles and New York-based IMAX theaters until March 30. The heart-warming success and 30 sold-out shows in recent weeks made makers give the movie an extended run. The success of Tenet in New York and Los Angeles is a sign that the movie theater is all set to grow back.

The Sci-fi action thriller movie saw its premiere in the middle of the pandemic and limited capacity back in August 2020 and since it has been taken to the streaming platform to save it from a huge flop. But finally, after a long wait, Christopher Nolan’s mind-twisting thriller is back on the silver screen and is doing surprisingly great.

Tenet Extends its Release in IMAX Theatres in Los Angeles and New York

Featuring John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Robert Pattinson, and Kenneth Branagh, the action-packed movie revolves around the mystery of time and was shot using both 70 mm film and IMAX. Now with restrictions lifting IMAX theaters are opening again with just 25% capacity and audiences are getting the chance to experience the thrill on the big screen.

According to a recent press release, Tenet was premiered in four IMAX theaters located in New York on March 12 and a week later it was premiered in IMAX theaters in Los Angeles. The press release revealed some more details about the premiering of Christopher Nolan’s latest

Tenet Extends its Release in IMAX Theatres in Los Angeles and New York

“Since last week – Tenet has seen 30 sold-out shows in these two major markets including near-complete sellouts over the weekend of IMAX 70mm film locations AMC Lincoln Square in New York and AMC Universal City in Los Angeles.” Said the Press Release.

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For now, it is confirmed that the Tenet release has been extended to March 30 but the step after that is still in discussion. But it’s a great chance for all sci-fi movies and Nolan’s fans to experience Tenet on the big screen.

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