Biden, Harris Condemn Racism in the Aftermath of the Atlanta Spa Shootings

As they visited Atlanta, only days after a white shooter killed eight individuals, the majority of them were Asian American women, US President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris offered compassion to Asian Americans and censured the scourge of racism.

Addressing the country following an approximately 80-minute gathering with Asian American state lawmakers and different pioneers on Friday, Biden said it was tragic to hear their stories of terror among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders amid a rapidly increasing spike of abuse and violence against them.

Biden urged all Americans to speak out against oppression when they see it, adding, “Our silence is complicity.” We are not going to be complicit.”

Biden, Harris Condemn Racism in the Aftermath of the Atlanta Spa Shootings

He also told the country that during the coronavirus pandemic, Asian Americans were targeted, blamed, threatened, verbally and physically abused, and even killed.

The president also considered the shootings an illustration of public health of gun violence in America, as his organization has experienced harsh criticism from those in his party for not moving as fast as expected on reforming the nation’s gun laws.

She went on to state, Racism is still alive here in America and it has always been that way. Xenophobia is and always has been a problem in America. We, the president and I, will not remain quiet. We will still speak out against injustice, hate crimes, and injustice, no matter where or when it happens.

Harris said that everybody has the “right to be remembered as an American.”

Before leaving Washington, Biden stated his support for the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, which would increase the government’s monitoring and response to hate crimes while also providing services to Asian American communities.

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