Ace Adventura 3 in Development from Sonic the Hedgehog Writer at Amazon

Ace Adventura 3 is in development at Amazon from the Sonic the Hedgehog writer, confirms Morgan Creek the production company of the Ace Adventure franchise. The original Ace Adventura made its debut in 1994 and helped Jim Carrey establish himself as one of the greatest stars of the Hollywood industry.

The success of the movie forced makers to drop the sequel of the movie in just a year. An African set sequel titled Ace Adventura: When Nature Calls arrived the next year of the original’s release and became one of the funniest movies of the decade.

Ace Adventura 3 in Development from Sonic the Hedgeho

While Carry has delivered many unforgettable and iconic roles in his career, he is still known for that long hair, smart crazier pet detective. His catchphrases like lahoo-se-her and Do-not-go-in-there from the original movie are still some of the most celebrated quotes of the industry. There are no chances that the threequel of the franchise could disappoint the viewers, as long as Carry is reprising his iconic role.

Recently, Park Circus, the team behind the production of Ace Adventura told Screenrant that the sequel of the franchise is in development from the writer of Sonic the Hedgehog. The team revealed that the movie is going to see a new day at Amazon and hinted about reinvention.

Ace Adventura 3 in Development from Sonic the Hedgeho

While the news about the development of the sequel will be exciting for many fans, it still left us thinking about whether Carry is going to reprise his role or not. As Morgan Creek nowhere mentioned Carry being on the board.

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Jim Carry played an important role in the success of the first two movies of the franchise and still, Ace Adventura is renowned for Carry’s face. For now, there’s little to go on, so hopefully, more news is forthcoming as the movie gets further into development, and Carrey’s involvement is confirmed.

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