What is the restraining order for Billie Eilish VS a 23 Years Old Man?

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell is a 19-year-old songwriter and singer. She who gained popularity from the song she uploaded her song “Ocean Eyes” on SoundCloud in 2015 is in big trouble now. She has been awarded five Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, two Guinness World Records, three MTV Video Music Awards, and one Brit Award.

She has recently been all over the news as she accused a man of doing serious harassment to her for which she is granted five years of the temporary restraining order.

What is the restraining order for Billie Eilish VS a 23 Years Old Man?

What is the restraining order for?

19 years old songwriter and singer, Eilish have been granted a 5-year temporary restraining order after she accused the man of harassing her. As per the accusation, Billie Eilish has been traumatized by the extreme and threatening harassment done by him to the singer. She accused John Matthews Hearle, a 23-year-old man threatening and harassing her out of her house since August.

As per the sources, Billie Eilish and her family have been living with a fear of their safety in their own house. The man, John Matthews Hearle been sitting and camping outside Billie’s Eilish place and sending a seriously disturbing letter at her. On March 4th, 2021 the hearing of the singer’s case was done.

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