The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 19: Review And Things You Missed

In recent times, episode nineteen season ten of the yank web series, The walking dead has been released. The episode another at intervals the most centered on Aaron and Gabriel who were on a two-week scavenging trip. The whisperers invaded Alexandria and then the whole city was pushed to rock bottom as a result of Zombies.

Recent Updates And Review

But the city is within the state to come back to traditional however they’re still briefly of supplies. By these hindrances, we’ve got an inclination to come back back to know that Aaron and Gabriel were on searches of any provides that they’ll take back to Alexandria. Aaron and Gabriel thought that no-one was residing at the place. however, there lived Mays who was a survivor and he has been living there for years.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 19: Review And Things You Missed

And then they are discovered by Mays. Mays wished to influence them that everybody is evil in the world, therefore he forced Aaron and Gabriel to play Russian roulette. Mays thought that they’d kill one another however in contrast, they tried to kill themselves rather than killing one another and established Mays wrong. then Mays put his guard down and offered them to travel back to Alexandria. however, suddenly Gabriel killed Mays with Aaron’s detached planet arm.

Even if Rick isn’t there, the archangel continued to spice up his questions. He would have asked why Mays killed his own brother and then the answer given by Mays should haven’t glad Gabriel. and therefore the story explains, however, Mays’s brother died. On the whole, Mays was killed by an archangel at the highest of the episode that brought the audience type of questions.

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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 19: Review And Things You Missed

Let the next episode brings a solution to any or all of our questions. several of the reviews are such spoiler alerts to the audience. It had a decent response however had several spoiler responses. entirely variety of of the audience are commenting positive reviews concerning the episode.

Many of the audience has been commented that the most recent episode is also a spoiler to the whole movie. The walking dead season 10, episode 19, another has been finished with killing up a character. that’s archangel killed Mays within the latest episode. In the turning of events, it’s a giant shock to Aaron and clearly to the fellow audience.

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