Know all about the Latest Fortnight Season 6 Update

The popular game developer developed by Epic Games is now ready to make a big difference in the game. The next season of the game is ripe as Battle Royale.

The first theme gives the game a very old-fashioned vibe. The new map now includes many new POIs that players can explore around. They can even tame animals like wolves and use chickens to float in the air. Many old weapons like Boom Bow will be back for this new update of season 6.

According to leaked facts about the game, Lara Croft will join Battle Pass, next to chicken skin and Jonesy’s new outfit. Two-night updates will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo switchch and Android.

Know all about the Latest Fortnight Season 6 Update


The rest period has already started the second season for 6 weeks which means that players can now start downloading the 16.00 update. Updates will be presented on a variety of platforms as the launch time will also vary but will end at the same time for everyone. Epic Games has made the game available offline and will now not be back until 8 am GMT. Rest start time will begin at 4 p.m. GMT. The new update will be released on March 16.

Single player game

The new season will start with a zero crisis story cinematic that will be followed by a job that all players get when they sign up, this job will be one player.

According to the epic drama tweet, season 6 chapter 2 which launches on March 16 will bring an explosive conclusion to season 5 events. Players will play with the maturity of agent jones. The interesting fact here is that this goal will be played alone, it is the job of one player.

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Season 6 of the game brings a detailed and updated map and a brand new BATTLE PASS. If we believe this leak, the passing of the war can be attributed to neymar’s skin which will be based on the modern comedian in terms of what will next appear in neymar’s shirt. This new season will also fix the distractions of last year.

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