Tom Holland’s Reaction to Playing James Bond, Says ‘It Would Be A Dream Come True’

Renowned actor, Tom Holland has shown his keen interest in playing the role of James Bond. Here’s what he said and all that you need to know about it.

Tom Holland– Life & Career

Tom Holland is an English actor. The 24-year old Actor started his career from theatre and drama in 2008. His career got a boost and kickstart after he was cast in the Marvel Franchise movies.

Tom Holland's reaction to playing James bond, says 'it would be a dream come true'

He has wonderfully played the character of spiderman. Another film from the Spider-Man franchise, Spider-Man: No Way Home will be releasing later this year with Tom Holland leading as the main protagonist.

Desire to play James Bond

Tom Holland, recently in an interview, has shown his hearts deepest desire to play the role of James Bond. He exclaimed, “it would be an actual dream come true!” to be featured as James Bond.

The actor also said that he is already overwhelmed to be playing Spider-Man. He quoted, “lucky enough as it is”. If he gets the chance to play James Bond, he will probably grasp is with both hands.

Tom Holland's reaction to playing James bond, says 'it would be a dream come true'

Mark Wright, the host of the show Heart (U.K. Radio Programme) was talking to Tom Holland via videolink from Atlanta on Monday. He asked, “You’ve mentioned that you love wearing a suit and 007 is something you’d potentially throw your name in the hat for. What would that mean to you, to be Spider-Man and James Bond? (sic)”

In reply to this, Tom said: “Oh mate, it would be an actual dream come true.”

“I’ve got to remind myself that I’m lucky enough as it is, Spider-Man is an absolute delight and privilege to play, but you know, should they want to do a younger James Bond you best believe I would be there. It is what it is, we’ll have to wait and see. (sic)”

The actor is currently playing the Spider-Man, but it is evident from what he said is that if he gets the opportunity to play James Bond, he wouldn’t turn it down.

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