The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 11: Release Date

The hidden dungeon only in which I can enter can be a fun and branch of adult anime. Meguru Seto is the writer. Note Takehana illustrates it. The series was premiered on 9 January 2021.

Release Date And Where To Watch

The hidden dungeon I can only enter the episode 11, but this decision of Noir is entitled. It is at the premiere on 20 March 2021 in the JNN block in JNN (MBS, TBS, BS-TBS) and AT-X.ON 8, 2020. Kodansha, the publisher by the sun, intended. The novels are published, he revealed that an anime was supported for the work of Hedge and Takehana.

The anime produces from Okurututo Noboru Studios with Kenta Onishi, which serves as a director, and Kenta Ihara is the main wreath. Kanako Hara, which provided music and character designs, are treated by Yuya Uetke. SPICA who has made the song of the theme opening.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 11: Release Date

The hidden can only enter the episodes that meet the viewers in Crunchyroll. It is with the Japanese and English audio, Portuguese, Russian, and with subtitles in Spanish. The series is out there bilibili for Southeast Asia viewers. Crunchyroll began to transfer with the versions of versions from the episodes on February 26, 2021 inversions of Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

In Episode 10, Elna leads to the academics of its class to the last springs. My name is Noir and some others who find several monsters on the street and they have to face them without their help. In them their journey begins wives women to Noir, who contradicts the children in their moderation, while women use the last springs.

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They meet a pixie. While counter-domestic students on the small monster ventilated powerlessness, noir discovers that he has monster puppic competence. The Pixie leads you to a surge of Lizardmen, but the academics are striving to achieve new sources that defeat the monsters quickly. The most recent Niro and Elna-Springs prevent the opposite boys enter the bathhouse while the girls use them.

An among the male students, Hjorth, explains that it is his duty as a child to act a voyeur. He drinks a potion he bought in addition to the salvation of his life and becomes stronger several times. Therefore, Noir defeats him and stops another child trying to push away while Noir and Elna are busy with Hjorth. For their actions, Ala leaves the opposite guys blocked in a room. Looking for Noir it is washed with women, though noir with a bandage in Episode 11 with a bandage to make decisions that will affect women’s relationships.

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