Michelle Obama will be seen in Waffles +Mochi Mission on Netflix

Michelle Obama is the most former first lady and has a lot of admiration and respect for the individual that she is. She has worn different hats and has different roles such as the first lady, wife, mother, Author. She has also featured on The Ellen’s show and a lot of women look up to her as an individual and idol for what they did for the people of America.

Michelle has now joined the Netflix Family. She will be seen in a children ‘s show called the Waffles+Mochi. Justin Sylvester who is the co-host of E-News, Daily Pop spoke with Michelle Obama about her new show.

Michelle Obama to be seen in Waffles +Mochi Mission on Netflix

What is the Show Waffles + Mochi mission all about?

Michelle Obama has decided to be on a mission to celebrate diverse food and various cultures with her new food show Netflix Series “Waffles and Mochi”.The show is produced by Obama’s production company Higher Ground.

Mrs. Obama has all the potential and ability to teach a new generation of kids to eat healthily and make them learn to take nutrition efforts in their diets. Waffles and Mochi are two characters for the kids. Both the characters will talk about their journey coming from the place of frozen food. The trio will be using geography and humor to explore and talk about food, culture, and cooking. Well-known celebrities and local chefs will be explaining sustainability, talk about the benefits of healthy diets, showing eating in an animated style that will connect with many young minds.

Each episode of the show is a 10 20-minute episode. The show involves a live-action series with puppets who are the characters of the show. Two award-winning chefs  Los Angeles–based chef Bricia Lopez, is the winner of the James Beard Award winner.

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She will be making her appearance in the second episode talking about salt. Mashama Bailey, chef and owner of The Grey in Savannah will also be seen in one of the episodes. Waffles and Mochi” are now streaming on Netflix all around the world.

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