Is SICO an Alternative for PUBG?

It’s been a long time since PUBG was banned from India. There were 117 apps that were banned by the government of India because of the Chinese company’s interference in these apps. PUBG was among those apps. After that many companies tried to create games like PUBG to be dominant in Indian Market. FAU-G was among those games but as predicted that game did not work.

Now, Indic Arena, an Indian gaming studio has developed a game solely for the Indian market named SICO: Special Insurgency Counter Operations. It will be a multiplayer game with all the features of PUBG.

Is SICO an Alternative for PUBG?


As announced by Indic Arena, the game will feature many maps with features we have not seen in any game, with new game means we will be introduced to many characters in the game, And like PUBG, you can talk to your friends in the game via a mic.

The cinematic trailer for the game has been released on Youtube and a couple of videos demonstrating the gameplay have also been released. Including this, on Google Play Store they have already started to pre-register people.

Is SICO an Alternative for PUBG?

The game will of course have a battle royale, in which players fight each other until one man or a team survives and became victorious, just like PUBG. Aside from BR, they will have different solo missions and campaigns to make yourself better at the game.

In the trailer, the graphics look promising. The four characters as released by the Indic Arena are Shiv, Rudra, Ana, and Captain Shaurya Singh. The studio has also released the maps and their name are, Parvata, Mandapa, Vanam, and Warehouse.

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