Who was Kara Pavelich? Mark Pavelich Wife, Cause of Death and Life

Kara Pavelich, the wife of former U.S. Olympic hockey and NHL star Mark Pavelich, died on Thursday, Sept. 6, at their Lutsen, Minn at home when she accidentally fell approximately 20 feet from a second-story. She was 44.

Reports said that deputies arrived at the Pavelich home at 11:32 a.m. Thursday. It is likely to be said that Kara Pavelich was on the balcony seeking a better cell phone connection; as a cell phone was found beside her. The death is being considered accidental.

Who was Kara Pavelich? Mark Pavelich Wife, Cause of Death and Life

Who was Kara Pavelich?

Kara Pavelich earlier known as Kara Bumachuk was the wife of Mark Pavelich, an American professional ice hockey player who played 355 regular-season games in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the New York Rangers, Minnesota star rangers, and San Jose Sharks between 1981 and 1992.  Mark Pavelich was one of the members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team that won the gold medal being called “Miracle on Ice”.

Cause of Death

Kara died when she was 44, in an accidental fall from her second-story balcony at their home in 2012. It is considered an accidental misstep at home Thursday morning in Lutsen that took Pavelich’s life as she fell approximately 20 feet from a second-story balcony that had no railing. The wife of former Minnesota Duluth and NHL hockey star Mark Pavelich was 44 years old.

Who was Kara Pavelich? Mark Pavelich Wife, Cause of Death and Life

Kara Pavelich’s Early Life

Kara Pavelich grew up in Tofte, Minn., and started learning classical piano from her mother, Beverly Burmachuk. When she was 22 she won a contest in  The Thunder Bay in Ontario, playing  Etude, which furthermore provided her a chance to play with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.

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In recent years, Pavelich developed a stylized acrylic painting career that made her well-known along the Northern side with her artwork on canvas, T-shirts, and rocks.

Kara married Mark Pavelich in 1994, two years after he completed his NHL career. He was a 1979 Division I  at Minnesota-Duluth as a center. Was an Olympic gold medal, then recorded 329 points in 355 games in the NHL over seven seasons between 1981 and 1992, The Paveliches have no children, but Mark has a daughter, Tarja, 25, of Duluth from his previous marriage.

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